EvenCoin is a new self-mining smart contract where no hardware is required to mine EvenCoin but it gets mining in parallel to even numbers of Ethereum blocks with ERC20 compliant with a total supply of 100 Million coins.


Unlike Bitcoin where energy & infrastructure is required to mining coin EvenCoin is a self-mining currency in conjunction to even numbers of Ethereum block.Hard core genesis collected from top 4000 crowd sale contributors. All genesis gets equal mined coins over a time period. of 15 years. EvenCoin can be accessed using any of Ethereum wallets including EvenCoin own Web based & Mobile wallets.evencoin.io as well evenchain.io can be used to transact worldwide with transaction cost as low as 0.03$ with average transaction time of just 30 seconds! much better than Bitcoin.

Why should someone buy in Evencoin again?
1. Evencoin is a coin fully supported by mathematical Logic which is proven and established under the Ethereum Blockchain. So a proven Logic never goes wrong.
2. Out of the 100 Million total supply 5 Million is for the founders and rest 10Million is the amount to be sold for crowd sale. So total the circulating supply is 15million and rest 85 Million is to be mined for upcoming 15 years. So this proves that there will be huge demand rather than supply so price is going to be stable rather on a higher note.
3. EvenCoin is backed up by professionals who have been working with Fitnech companies for the  last 20-25 years. Experience and Knowledge keeps a company steady and stable. We are a company registered in Abu Dhabi in the name of EVEN FINTECH SOLUTIONS LLC.
4. Listed in Major Exchanges getting Organic Buyers for EvenCoin is never a problem.


Getting ready with unique differential mining ideas, building team, registering domains, etc. Q1-2017 COMPLETED
Finalizing Smart mining contract and testing for every possible outcome. Q2-2017 COMPLETED
Pre-sale &CrowdSale started for only 10 Million premined coins at starting price of just 0.15$ Q3-2017 COMPLETED
End of sale greaing up with exchange listing Q4-2017 COMPLETED
Listing on Multiple exchanges, trading & creating volumes, attracting generic buyers Q1-2018 COMPLETED
Launch of EvenChain multi crypto wallet Q1 2018 COMPLETED
BitRecharge International flights, hotels & holidays using crypto currencies Q1 2018 WORKING
DeltaExchange crypto currencies trading platform Q2-2018 PENDING



EvenCoin is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain platform, with ability to self-mining in parallel to Ethereum even numbers of block.

EvenCoin Ethereum contract wallet address:

EvenCoin was created with the following transaction:

The EvenCoin creation transaction was added to the Ethereum blockchain at block

The following table of technical specifications for EvenCoin can be viewed and verified with the EtherScan tool located here:


Even Coin is fully secured with the same standards as are employed by the Ethereum blockchain. The primary principles behind Ethereum security leverage the technology of public key cryptography to carry out all manner of functions. This form of cryptography is implemented in numerous ways to accomplish the desired functions of the smart contract.