Become a miner with EvenCoin

EvenCoin being self mining smart contract does not require any hardware to be installed at miner end, instead EvenCoin gets mined with parallel to each Ethereum even numbers of blocks only.

  1. Buy package to become miner
  2. Become a miner for 15 years!
  3. Enjoy mining rewards per even block (~ 30 sec each block)
  4. Sell mining coins at exchanges anytime

Technical aspects :-

  1. Total fixed supply 100 Million EVN
  2. Premined 15 Million EVN
  3. Out of 15 Million premined EVN 10 Million for crowd sale
  4. Remaining 5 Millions EVN reserved for founders & projects development
  5. Remaining 85 Million EVN to be mined in 15 years
  6. Rewards per block ~3.2476 EVN




Below are EvenCoin’s mostly selling package to choose to become a miner and owing EvenCoin


  • Receive 10% of the numbers of coins purchased in wallet on monthly basis for next
    15 years
  • The value increases as the price & EVN increases strategically
  • Your growth on mining rewards in at least 1100% for the next 15 years
  • You own the actual mining coins in your wallet which becomes your assets after 15 years
  • This assets coins after 15 years can be traded in DeltaExchange and use it at BitRecharge


Select package



10% monthly payouts

Mining rewards for 15 years