Our Projects


BitRecharge is a Travel Platform fully functional where users can purchase their airline tickets, book hotels and holidays using cryptocurrencies as well as evencoin and fiat currencies.
Bitrecharge offers you best pricing in market you only pay what we show no hidden gimmy trick!
Visit www.bitrecharge.org


Evenchain is a multi-crypto wallet with over 30,000 active users around the globe, where users can store crypto currencies with highly secured multi crypto wallet with 2FA authentication, anti Ddos attack, cold wallet storage making it most secure wallet in market.
Visit www.evenchain.io


Deltaexchange is the most preferable crypto currency and forex exchange to trade bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, evencoin and many more, offering more than 40 different currencies with over 140+ markets, with its team huge presence in Asia DeltaExchange is expected to be the most convenient exchange for crypto currencies and forex to trade under single platform.
Visit www.deltaexchange.io


Medtrox is an online healthcare platform which connects with healthcare professionals and their services as per availability. Using Medtrox, patients or normal users can search, find, book appointment and consult online with medical specialist in a few easy steps. Also doctors can schedule appointments, access patient’s health records, bills and prescriptions.


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